Sex Trafficking is Everywhere

The Top 10 Cities with highest amount of Human Trafficking Hotline calls are…. - NHTH (2017)

Houston, NYC, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, San Diego. Every year 200,000 children in the United States become victims of sex trafficking - Polaris Project (2012)

The information you need

to protect those you care about.

  • Open Your Eyes

    Learn how traffickers charm their victims so that you can protect the vulnerable in your community.

  • Develop Relationships

    Map out exactly how you can develop transformative relationships that protect and heal the vlunerable.

  • Bring Awareness

    Learn how you and other safe adults in your community can get further education & support.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Intro and Worksheets
    • Welcome
    • Trafficking Problem
    • Worksheet - Protecting Kids in Your Community_BWM v1.2
    • Charming Chart_BWM v1.2
  • 2
    Video Instruction
    • Open Your Eyes Video
    • Develop Relationships Video
    • Educate Video
  • 3
    How Pimps use Conversations to Build Relationships
    • Pimps & Relationships Video
    • Links